Here below a limited selection of sculptures, They have been created by Guido Dettoni, almost always without-sight, at the measure of his hands, thus tactile to be seen with the hands themselves and touched with the eyes once opened. Only some of them have been edited by Nesher Editions.

Guido Dettoni’s sculptures are not unicum but seeds to germinate by reproducing them at handheld size, enlarged, or reduced. These seeds are reproduced in several materials, like wood, bronze, precious metals, marble, granite, cement and gravel, polyamides, and others.

The enlargement makes often tangible the metaphysical concept of being contained by what we contain; the reduction makes them wearable.
Furthermore, they are “analog volumes”. Once photographed and intervened by the artist, they may transmute into digital images. If scanned, they may transmute into digital volumes (3D), and intervened by the artist as well, they convert into other analog volumes by means of 3D printing or carving or casting, and be newly reproduced.