Guido Dettoni has sculpted the Hands Journey without interruption in alternating phases of closed and open eyes.
Closed, to see the forms of the tactile itinerary; open, to draw out the excess material.


The sculpture is laminated in fiberglass, white color.
The structure for the assembly (floor, two sides, and bow mask) is steel.

Length, 4 m / Max. width, 1.20 m / Max. height of the sides, 1 m / Height of the figurehead, 2 m 


The author’s intention in sculpting Hands Journey was to awaken sensuality.     


Tactile itinerary

This work by Guido Dettoni testifies once again to his choice to propose experiences for everyone, for the hands and the senses. It is an instrument for the recipient to live his own experience beyond words.  

Two sides, on which the hands run, delimit the itinerary to the right and to the left. They converge towards a single element – almost a figurehead – where the two hands meet. From the bow they return to the stern, the entrance becomes the exit.

On the return trip, the hands see inversely with respect to the outward journey.

The floor of the route changes its quota and reliefs; the author has combined these alterations with the vision that the hands have.