The artist Guido Dettoni has conceived the AQUARIUM to see a sculpture in motion from all its sides: from the tangible to the virtual. It is the result of a long and meticulous process of research and experimentation which began in 1993.

Aquarium de Guido Dettoni, 1993
The first Aquarium was a glass container in which to immerse the EAGLE sculpture, made of wax, where the breath caused invisible streams which moved the artwork to see it from all sides, so dancing with it.
Aquarium de Guido Dettoni, 2021

This Aquarium was followed by others, up to the current version presented here, which incorporates a last generation hardware in order to maintain a constant temperature at 23 °C, to regulate the power of the underwater streams and emit music or sounds. The container is a tempered glass cube, filled with distilled water, placed on a stand that contains and hides the hardware. Thus, the two EAGLES sculptures, cast in wax and ballasted with small lead spheres to avoid floating, dance according to the artist’s intention.

To complete this experience, the AQUARIUM is accompanied by the replica of two EAGLES cast “in resin”, each mirroring the other, to be contained and touched while contemplating their hypnotic dance in the water.
Guido Dettoni hands Eagle
After years of observing the behaviour of the submerged artworks, it has been verified that the attention of the viewers and the music or sounds influence their movements, creating a dance that is always unique. This phenomenon recalls the axiom of quantum physics stating that in an experiment the observer influences the result and the observed object, making the observer, in turn, part of the experiment itself.

The AQUARIUM debuted in 1993 with the EAGLES sculptures on the occasion of Dettoni’s exhibition “the hands see, eyes touch” in El Hospitalet de l’Infant, Tarragona. Since then, this sculpture has been and is the protagonist of a long trajectory.

17·12·2021 – The start-up in Can Sabater (Bellmunt d’Urgell, Spain)


The two sculptures EAGLES, cast in wax and ballasted, inhabit this AQUARIUM
which is delivered along with the copies of the two sculptures cast in resin.

Measures from 50 x 50 x 50 cm
Capacity 125 litres
Measures from 50 x 50 x 120 cm
Colour, on request

Activated carbon filter
Water pump with silencer
Bluetooth stereo speaker
Suction cup to lift the top cover

Guido Dettoni has prepared other sculptures to inhabit the AQUARIUM