On the occasion of the International Volunteers encounter held in Barcelona in 2004, the Catalan Federation for Social Volunteer Effort asked Guido Dettoni to make something to commemorate the event.   

Guido Dettoni came up with a small sculpture for the hands of the Volunteers.

The logo adopted by the International Association for Volunteer Effort IAVE is the letter V.   


This Guido Dettoni’s sculpture is a tactile logo, a symbol for the Volunteers from all over the world to recognize each other and to be identified in their volunteer effort.

It opens IAVE a way for the Volunteers to share through touch their choice and to strengthen the communication between all of them as well as towards everybody.   

Let’s take a look at the shape generated by the joint of two Volun-Touch:  


Once enlarged, it becomes an outdoor monument to be a reference and a meeting point: