Guido Dettoni 1946, Milan – Italy. Visual & tactile artist.

He is Author of tactile and visual arts, of collective artistic performances and sensory experiences.
To see with the hands, and then to touch with the eyes” it is a relevant characteristic of his work, often performed in blindness.
He has been practicing art since childhood, living in various countries in Europe and Africa.
He has exhibited and carried out collective artistic performances throughout Europe, Asia, Canada, the USA, Colombia, and Australia. First exhibitions took place in the years 68/69 in Germany.
Since 2000 he is present in Assisi with a permanent exhibition of his Iconic works of art.
In the seventies, he conceived and began the creative-collective process that he calls Handsmatter: a practice that has begun its uninterrupted implementation in 1998.
Since 2000, he has been developing the complementarity between “real” and “virtual”, working in the digital and 3D fields.

His handheld Work (Shape) once enlarged it contain us so to be CONTAINED BY WHAT WE ARE CONTAINING. Once reduced, it becomes wearable. The Shape (Sculpture) is also an experience becoming multisensory when accompanied by sound, fragrance and, eventually, by an edible element.

The Sculpture, as well as the image, aims to be part of an interactive process, sensory and/or cognitive.

In 1998, it took place in Barcelona the first Exhibition of 33 reproductions of the artwork MARIA: a multifaceted ICON shaped to be held within hands that see it. Icon, carved in woods from all over the world.
It represents Mary, the mother of Jesus of the Gospel, the one of the Sura 19 of the Koran, Shakti of the Hinduism, Kwan Yin of China, evoking the imagery of many cultures of the world.

Music and a specifically designed fragrance, were accompanying.
It has been installed in thirty venues among Cathedrals, Churches, Universities, and Art Centres throughout Europe and Asia. MARIA is a permanent exhibition since 2002 in Assisi, since 2015 in Prague and Singapore, and since 2017, in Lampedusa and Florence (See KRONOS – Work | Exhibits | Installations).

The hands are one mirror of the other. Two halves forming the unity, the brain, source of the word. Hands-Brain-Word. With our hands, we manifest our feelings and emotions and can shape within us the surrounding reality, also because we are touching it and, at the same time, we are touched by it. (Guido Dettoni — Thoughts on art)

“How do we look at handheld shapes that are the outcome of an individual expression?”
Being blind or blindfolded we do it with hands, while sighted we do it also with the eyes and furthermore from different points of view. By unfolding the shapes in a plane spherical projection, they generate a 2D sequence of images, so we jump from tangibility to virtuality. Such sequence can become an aesthetic narration of the shape, and it may be shared in the computer environment, thus on the Internet. The initial hypothesis -repeatedly confirmed by numerous experiences- is that all shapes created by the hands contain information about what has stimulated their creation. This applies obviously to artworks reproducing what is outside, what it is seen, but it also applies to works that express and manifest what is inside: i.e. shapes blindly created without any intention to make something specific, but to express what is stimulating us while we create them.

The interpretation of a shape is reached jumping from its 3D volume  to the 2D images therein contained.  Once composed and assembled between them, they might depict what has stimulated the creation of the shape itself. To accomplish this compositional experience, the creative HANDSMATTER process incorporates a specifically programmed interactive digital application. HANDSMATTER has found various implementations: in the field of the arts, i.e. experiences in West Africa, Singapore, the Americas, and in some European countries; in the field of disability, i.e. workshops with deafblind people in Catalonia, in the USA, and Canada; in the didactic and therapeutic fields, i.e. in Catalonia, the Baleares and Italy.