The TACITILIA works are an aesthetic and sensorial proposal by Guido Dettoni who called them this way in 2021 despite them having previously been present in his artistic practice. The unpublished work of reference is HANDS JOURNEY from 2003.

TACTILIA‘s works are sculptures to look at and touch, even with your eyes closed. Sculpted or modeled in different materials, they are made up of volumes or surfaces engraved with imprints, grooves, and other reliefs, created by the author to provoke an experience that generates interior visions and internalization. This is how the synchronism between imagining and internalizing occurs, which is the dynamics of the experience. Imagining: seeing with your hands, feeling, and revealing inner visions. Internalize: touching with the eyes, looking, making a narrative emerge.

In the TACTILIA works, tactile vision is possible by exploring them, “travelling” through them with the fingers and palm. It’s not just a matter of containing its volume within hands to perceive its shape in its entirety, but of perceiving its surface, consistency, and temperature with the hands in movement.

TACTILIA is also a collective practice.