word shape

Carles Duarte and Guido Dettoni gathered on the 13th of August 2016 at the Museu de la Vida Rural in L’Espulga de Francolí, Catalonia.


An encounter between word and shape, in simultaneous reciprocity.


The word becomes poetry by looking at the hands shaping the matter.


Five poetries, recited in Catalan, recorded and transcribed.


Blending, the hands, the gesture.

The night inside the skin:

the origin and the end,


tearing the earth.

Every fragment of life






It opens the earth in flames.

Sheets of lava


Fruit which is born

from the fire lit within us.


The fingers tighten the horizon.

The sky and the sea blend.

The breath of light,

like a shout,

like a voice,

resonates in the infinity,

the immense space of the emptiness

which we fill

with a very slow beat.


The silk of the stem rising.

The wheat

in extended fields

under the yellow sheet of light

which the sun lays

like a skin of pure clarity

inebriating us.


All colors in one.

All the shapes in one gesture.

All crystals

of naked transparency

between the hands.

Marble that grows and is taken

to be a single voice,

the world that speaks.

The hands give shape to the matter – with the eyes closed – listening to the words.


Five consecutive moments to the rhythm of the colors of the wax: black, red, blue, yellow, and white. Five shapes hardened in water and converted into four digital images of each of them, corresponding to their different points of view.

Guido Dettoni attains the Transmutation of these images to depict each piece of poetry.


Hass been hosted by the Museu de la Vida Rural – Fundació Carulla

Video and photography: Victor Torija

Support: Albert Carrera | Jordi Puig | Mercé Cócera | Eva Maria Siges