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The Hands See: Detton’s article at Revista RE (ISSN 1135-2701)

PRESÈNCIES DE CULTURA CATALANA A ROMA – Book by Josep Maria Benítez Riera sj / ISBN 978-84-96409-95-8. Text and images of MARIA at the Gregorian University in Rome in 1999 (pages 131 to 140)

ILLUSTRATIONSfor the book of poems, NAUFRAGIS, by Carles Duarte i Montserrat – ISBN:978-84-17469-17.7.

L’ULL DE LA VIOLENCIA -The Eye of the Violence- (book) ISBN:978.84-9136-088-9 by several authors along with the images of Dettoni’s sculpture “To turn the other cheek”. Presentation text of the sculpture by Phd. Miriam Diez Bosch (see Wikipedia)

Miriam (bimonthly magazine, Seville ) – ISSN 0214-3879 / March April 2003 – pages 40 to 45 María entre las manos by Fernando Donaire.

INSIDE THE VATICAN (magazine) – ISSN 1068-8579 / Feb 2002 “A Statue of Mary to be held in your hand” by Crista Kramer von Reisswitz.

MARIA ASSISI – 2002 Santa Maria delle Rose in Assisi Beginning of the Permanent Exhibition Italian (Art Society)

EL ROSTRE DE CRIST SEGONS GUIDO DETTONI DELLA GRAZIA (Face of Christ after G DdG) Article a Serra d’or del “Cor Montserratí “ (Magazine monthly published by Montserrat Abbey) Num,496 p, 9-11 SPISNN/00372501.

AVVICINAMENTO (APPROACH) Publication of the book on Guido Dettoni della Grazia painting and scultptures.

Osservatore Romano (Vatican) Dec 21, 2001, on the inauguration Jan 2002 of the permanent MARIA Exhibition in Assisi.

La Gregoriana
(trimester magazine of the PONTIFICIA UNIVERISAS GREGORIANA), April 2000 ,”La mostra dedicata a Maria” by Marina Lepori.

ARS SACRA (magazine) – Revista Del Patrimonio Cultural de La Iglesia Nº 11 – 12 DIC 1999 / ISSN 1136-5234. “La imagen de la Virgen María de Guido Dettoni della Grazia” by Josep Martí Aixalá. Pages 49 to 53.

– First world presentation of the multifaceted Icon MARIA at Pia Almoina (Diocesan Museum) of Barcelona.

GRAN ENCICLOPEDIA DE MALLORCA (Great Encyclopedia of Mallorca)- Volume XVIII – article Guido Dettoni della Grazia and Appendix dedicated to YADA / ISBN 84-86.617-44.8.

Escultures a la Vall de Soller de Pere A. Serra
(Art book) 1996 – ISBN 84-866 17.359 / PAGES 52 -53 and 225.

EAGLESOutdoors at Serra Art Foundation – Sóller, Majorca: installation of 2 stone overlapped enlargements of the same sculpture, monumental sculpture reproduced on the book 101 Escultures a la Vall de Soller, published by the Serra Art Foundation / ISBN 8486617359.

ARTESANS DEL PLA DE MALLORCA– coordination of the research for, and the edition of a book -as part of a European project- on the craft traditions of Majorca / ISBN 8460617564.

more than 300 articles in news papers and magazines are published since 1998 on Guido Dettoni Works of Art, in Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, United States, Czech Republic and Singapore,…