Edited Sculptures, Nuredunna


30 cm | 12 in

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NUREDDUNA ebony-wood.

The Sibyl.
Carved in Ebony-wood | marble base.
30 cm | 12 in

The Majorcan poet, Miquel Costa i Llobera (1854-1922) with his epic poem “The legacy of the Greek genius” tells us about the imprisonment of the Greek rhapsod Milesigeni, captured with other sailors in the waters of Majorca en route to the Iberian Peninsula and then condemned to offer him as a sacrifice to the gods.

The sibyl Nuredduna, daughter of the high priest, falls in love with him and his music.

Nuredduna puts love before the tradition of her people. She lets herself be seduced by the stranger: she chooses the New and progress helping him to escape. The lyre and the music of Melisigeni represent the spirit of Greek civilization, the cradle of Western culture. Discovered, she is chastened to die stoned to death. The poet writes that the stones thrown to kill her whispered: for a beat of the anxiety with which your heart exhales, we would give the centuries of calm that inhabit us. The fingerprints of the artist shaping this sculpture are also the trace of this whisper.

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