Edited Iconic Sculptures, MARIA Limited Editions

MARIA Limited Edition

MARIA Myrtle-Wood
4 unique signed copies
8 cm | 3 in

MARIA myrtle-wood.
The handheld Icon of Mary.
4 unique signed copies.
Carved in myrtle-wood.
Delivered along with fabric bag, artist’s certificate and flyer.
8 cm | 3 in

By checking out, please indicate in the Customer Notes the number of the copy of the limited edition you have chosen between the ones on display. Thank you.


Myrtle wood.
It helps to balance the energy in us or in our situation.
The Myrtle Wood asks us to have an honest and forthright intention in our work.
In 2019 Guido Dettoni receives as a present a branch of Monastery’s Myrtle bush from Javier Bustamante, poet and referent of the Monastery where he is living since many years.
And so the shrub of Myrtle has been transformed into four unique copies of MARIA in her reduced version.