Edited Iconic Sculptures, MARIA Limited Editions

MARIA Limited Edition

Centenary Brock-Wood
12 copies signed
8 cm | 3 in

MARIA centenary brock-wood.
The handheld Icon of Mary.
12 copies signed.
Carved in centenary brock-wood.
Delivered along with fabric bag, artist’s certificate and flyer.
8 cm | 3 in

Thanks to its longevity, the Brock wood also means the immortality. This tree embodies thus the eternity showing to the souls the path to the sky. Both because of its verticality raising it straight towards the sky and its perennial leaves. For this reason, although  the Brock wood is associated with the death, this latter becomes the entrance to a new life and its continuous renewal through transformation. Also, here we found the eternal cycle of death and birth: the door through which we enter the path of the eternal life of the soul and finally the promise of life contained within death.