Edited Iconic Sculptures, MARIA Limited Editions

MARIA Limited Edition

Larch-Wood (Larix Decidua)
5 copies signed and numbered
14 cm | 5.5 in

MARIA Larch-wood. (Larix Decidua)
The handheld Icon of Mary.
5 copies signed and numbered.
Carved in larch-wood (Larix Decidua).
Delivered along with fabric bag, artist’s certificate and flyer, with a special glass cylinder and cardboard container.
14 cm | 5.5 in

By checking out, please indicate in the Customer Notes the number of the copy of the limited edition you have chosen between the ones on display. Thank you.

Larch wood instills confidence and courage. Its veins make it an undulating dress almost moved by the wind off the mountains where this conifer is born and grows.