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In the youth summer camps promoted by the town hall of Vilafranca del Penedés (Catalonia, Spain) in 2005, one year after the excavation, Guido Dettoni carried out a collective creative experience. With the images of the wax shaped by all the participating children, blindfolded, listening to stories of the feast and of Sant Fèlix, he illustrates the life of Fèlix the man on the road to holiness and his martyrdom.

The digital process also reveals to us the face of Fèlix that was absent from the statue cast in bronze a year earlier.

The juxtaposition of the right half of the original face (in grey) with its “mirror” reflection generates the face of the saint in its divine symmetry. We find two faces representing two possible fates: that of man in his natural asymmetry and that of the saint in his ideal symmetry, that is, the perfection of divinity.

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SANT FÈLIX virtual

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